Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Prompt

Our newest import.
Whoever dreamed up the student exchange program is friggin brilliant.


  1. "Have you seen the hottie with the Nutella t-shirt?" Carly, Zoe and I were sitting in the quad eating lunch.

    "Wipe the drool from your mouth, you predator," Zoe laughed.

    "No, what guy?" I jumped in.

    Zoe, finger-on-the-pulse of everything Hart High, launched into his profile. "Name - Jose (pronounced with a hard 'J' please!) Bruno, hails from the exotic, erotic country of Brazil, swimmer extraordinaire, family owns a vineyard..."

    "Oh, never mind," I groaned, "Exchange student, ugh."

    Thanks to my brother Jake, our family had the excrutiating privilage of hosting the last exchange student. This student, country of origin shall remain nameless, caused us/me no end of embarrassing encounters, least of which involved a decidely absent knowledge of bathroom etiquette.

    "Oh yea, I totally forgot!" Carly snorted. "What did we call that guy-Spanky? as in spank the..."

    "STOP!" I screamed throwing a Dorito her way. "That is a distant memory and I'm trying to keep it that way!"

    "Oh my god, my mascara's running! Stop it you guys!" Zoe pleaded. "Come on, we better get to class."

    It was then I noticed that the entire student body was buzzing with an unusual energy. The halls sparkled with enthusiasm. The female teachers had a spring to their step. Even Ms. Grant, the sour secretary, cracked a smile when I turned in the swim team roster.

    Hmm, was this due to the Brazilian? How good-looking could this guy be? And anyway, foreign exchange students were highly over-rated. Weird customs, foreign accents that appear cute at first but become annoying later.

    I still hadn't seen one glimpse of this Joe-zay character. Probably conducting a wine tasting with the janitors no doubt. Or impressing the girls with his Nutella t-shirt and Brazilian accent.

    Two hours later I'd forgotten about wine snob, nude beach going, Joe-zay. I had swim team practice and had to focus on besting my record with the free-style.

    Deep in thought, going over a strategy to improve my time, I left the locker room.

    And there he was. Standing at the edge of the pool, perfectly tanned and toned. My heart thumped loudly and I swallowed hard. He looked straight at me and smiled, revealing startling white teeth.

    Maybe whoever dreamed up this student exchange program was brilliant after all.

  2. Aww, I love it! "Spanky" cracked me up--LOL!!