Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Funday

"Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship - never." Albert Camus


  1. Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship - never." Albert Camus

    That is why it was such a sock to me when I found out Max and Maddy decided to be together. Growing up they always hated each other and in high school they become best friends pushing me out the picture. And now in college when I have finally decided to tell max how I feel, to tell him I have always had feelings for him maybe even love, Maddy and Max decide become engaged.

    “You are what?” I shouted at Maddy over coffee.

    “Engage. What’s the matter I figured you saw it coming.” Maddy was being so presumptuous.

    “But…” I just couldn’t believe it. “But…you two have never even dated.”

    “Why should we date, we have know each other all our lives. We are best friends and you know how spontaneous Max can be.”

    “Yeah I know.” Huffing at the thought of them together.

    As she sat there rambling on and on about how Max proposed, I couldn’t help but hate her. Where was I to fit in this picture? Next she is probably going to ask me to her Maid of Honor. Well I’m not going to do it. I am sick of being the third wheel, they can both kiss my...

    “Sandy are you listening to me?”

    No I am not listening; I don’t even want to be around you.

    “Yeah, I’m listening. So have you two set a date?” And the ramble continues at least until I tell her I slept with Max three days ago.

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  3. The old man pulled his red truck up to the log at the end of the parking stall. He opened the door and slid out of his seat, taking in the sycamores and the ancient oak trees, the little brook and the wide blue sky stretching out for what seemed like forever above the quiet park. He listened to a bird twitter and chirp somewhere off to his left. He closed his car door and walked around to the passenger side, opening the door there.

    “You know,” said the old man, “Camus got it wrong. It’s true that friendship often ends in love. I acknowledge that; but I know for a fact that love can end in friendship, too. Look at the two of us.”

    She said nothing. She just stared at him with her big brown eyes for a long moment before climbing out of her seat.

    “You see, old girl,” continued the old man, “I loved you from the time I first saw you. You know that. You were always so beautiful and so full of life. But since Elise died, you really have become my boon companion, my source of comfort and – yes – my best friend.”

    He reached down and scratched her behind the ears. She wagged her long, furry tail in response. Smiling, the old man stood up.

    Then, just like they did on most Sundays since the death of his wife, the old man and his best friend followed the trail along the brook, walking in companionable silence.

  4. Nice ending Sherry. Leaves you wondering whether the narrator is confessing or conniving. (Don't tell)

    lightverse. Aww.

  5. Lightverse, that is so sweet. Nothing like man's best friend.

  6. Martin Luther made us friends, then lovers, then rivals. Her name is Grace, Grace Worthington. She sat in the front row of World Religions II, carrot curls shining as the afternoon sunshine blazed through the windows. Yah, yah, 95 Theses, Reformations. Her Hair! Why was the professor pointing at her? Now at me? I tuned in, “sola fide, sola scriptura. In English, By Grace alone, by Faith alone, by Scripture alone. These are Martin Luther’s solas. The way of Salvation.”

    Sweet! An in. I approached her as the class was headed out of the door. “How does it feel to be one of the solas? My name is Faith.” And that’s how it all started. We went out for coffee, went bowling, held hands in the dark movie theatre. Soon we were living together in a 3rd floor walkup beside the train tracks.

    I had graduated that fall with a degree in Sacred Literature, which I quickly parleyed into an advertising job with a small religious conspiracy newspaper. The majority of the subscribers paid more attention to secret messages hidden in their cereal than to the ads, so I enjoyed myself until this ad got me fired: ‘Enjoy the juice that makes Jews loose, Kosher wine for Anytime!’

    Apparently, Manischewitz advertising dollars were carrying the paper.

    When I lost my job, I lost Grace. She got her degree, got her job offer and flew to the West Coast to be a Hollywood reporter. I puttered around the East Coast until I got tired of snow and flew out to L.A.

    Now Grace and I fight to be first posting the juiciest celeb gossip on our rival blogs, LA Soul and Secret Script.

  7. Sherry, great ending! It does leave you wondering...
    Lightverse, brought tears to my eyes, but I'm a total dog person!
    B. Nagel, I LOVE your take on this prompt!!!!

  8. OMG- B. Nagel. You really brought it with this post!!!