Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wild Wednesday


  1. Her perfect teeth bit her lip. I watched, trying to concentrate on what Jules was saying, but couldn’t. I was too caught up with what her teeth were doing. Her tongue darted out, sweeping across her lower lip.

    A groan escaped.

    “Maddie, are you listening to me?”

    “What?” I looked at Jules, trying to seem interested. I didn’t really care, though. She was talking about another ‘hot’ guy. Whatever. I just listened because I liked to hear the sound of her voice. It got husky when she leaned in close and whispered. The way her breath caressed my skin gave me shivers.

    “I’m trying to tell you something important.”

    She pouted her lips, making me sigh. Certainly she’d misinterpreted that, she always did.

    “What was it again? I’m sorry.”

    “I’m trying to tell you,” she leaned in even closer, her body brushing against mine, “Matt asked me out.”

    “What?” I screamed, breaking the silence of study hall.

    Twenty stares turned our way. I coughed and then turned to whisper in her ear. “You’re going out with Matt? As in, Matt my brother?” My freaking twin!

    A silly smile took over her face. “It’s wonderful isn’t it?”

    HELL. NO.

    The bell kept me from answering. I was too shocked anyway. As I gathered my papers, I tried to think of something – anything – to say that would keep this horrible thing from happening. Nothing had clicked in by the time we exited the room.

    Matt waited outside for us.

    “Hey, sis,” he said, smacking me in the shoulder before turning to Jules. “Hey, beautiful.”

    Right in front of me he put his moves on her – leaning close, pulling her in and kissing her.

    My stomach dropped. Oh, god, I was going to vomit.

  2. Ooooh, Heather that was HOT!!!
    Gotta go work,I'll post later.

  3. Go Heather! Man that was good! =D

  4. Very exciting!!! Loved it. :-)

  5. “Oh my god, I cannot believe him!”

    “Are you sure it was her?”

    “Uh, yeah! I saw them with my own two eyes! I mean why would Carson go out with Scary Mary of all people? Why? She’s such a freak.”

    “Guys like freaks. Maybe she does it for him.”

    “Ugh. As if. God, that is so gross just thinking about it. Ewwww.”

    “Whatever. I’m just telling it like it is. Don’t be such a baby.”

    “I’m just saying. She’s gross and him going out with her…doing anything with her…is just…gross!”

    “Alright, so do we have a plan?”

    “(Sigh) no. I don’t even know if I want to go out with him anymore.”

    Laughing, “oh, you know you do…come on. Don’t let Scary Mary ruin six months of crushing for you. What about his cool hair?”

    Giggles, “Oh yeah! And his awesome green eyes! I mean how amazing are his eyes?”

    “That’s my girl! And you still want to go to prom with him, right?”

    “Hooooyeah! I mean who doesn’t?”

    “Yes, but you’re going to be the one, right? That‘s what we‘ve been working for all this time, right? I mean, God knows if I can’t be with him than I’m going to make sure that you can!”

    “(sigh) Oh, Stephan, you’re the greatest friend.”

    “You know you love me.”

    “I do. You’re the sweetest.

    “Okay, honey, I get it. Now let Operation Scare Mary Away commence!”

  6. Look at them – just look at them! All nicey-nice with each other. It makes me sick! All sweetness and light and – and – and – and it’s all so fake!

    I may have only been Townie’s stepdaughter, but I was here for him all throughout everything. I cooked meals for him. I took him for all his chemo treatments and doctor appointments. I sat and held his hand when he was upset.

    I was there for him – and always have been.

    But did Margot or her slimeball husband ever care? Nope! Not one freakin’ bit! When I called and said things didn’t look too good, did they come in to see him? Uh uh. No way. They were too busy. They had plans they said. Plans??? What could be more important than being with your father, especially when ... awwww, who am I kidding?

    She never cared. Even though Dad was so good to her – and to that creepazoid Jeffrey, too. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it, but I really does make me sick.

    And the worst part of it is that now it’s all for show. The whole lovey dovey comforting act – because all she – correction - all they care about is the inheritance. Well, even if Dad didn’t leave anything to me, I hope he cuts them out of the Will.

    That’ll serve them right.

  7. Scary Mary - Ha!

    Love both of these, Jenna and Lightverse.

  8. What is it about some guys? Guys like James Carter.

    Yesterday I had him wrapped around my finger like a piece of forget-me-not string. In fact, I pretty much had him wrapped around my whole body.

    Today he’s “faithfully” wrapped around his girlfriend instead. Virgin Amanda – conquest of the month.

    He’s an absolute tool but, like a handyman and his wrench, I can’t stop using him.

    I stand close enough to make them both uncomfortable. I put on my mean girl, jealous face, but I’m really just laughing inside. They can only ignore me and what I stand for, for so long.

    I feel compelled to tell the poor girl that he’s not the reformed player she thinks he is. He is, in fact, an active player of the worst kind.

    But that would be telling, wouldn’t it? And besides, when it comes down to it, no matter what girl he’s “dating,” I’m the constant in his life.

    Poor Amanda. She'll soon be wondering...

    What is it about some girls? Girls like me.

  9. Wow - nasty! Nice job, Casey - woot!

  10. I'd had this thing for Abby since freshmen orientation and we were in the same group, touring the school. Except it was like I didn't exist. She wasn't stuck up or anything, she was just so focused on getting good grades and stuff to pad her Ivy League resume. Which is one more reason why I shouldn't have liked her, since I'm on the soccer team and my best hope for getting into college is a sports scholarship.

    But one day I had this idea that maybe Abby would notice me if I started "dating" one of her friends. Jenna was happy to help.

    I think it's working.

  11. I remind myself, aloud, that I was the kicker, not the kickee. That it was I, Darcy Marks, who sent Will Harrison sprawling to the curb, and not the other way around. So how come, one measly month later, I'm seriously regretting that drop kick?

    "It's just because he hooked up with that new girl and you have no one at this moment," Cynda once again pistol whips me with one of her dead-on observations.

    She's right of course. That's why Cynda has been my best friend since third grade. No bullshit allowed.

    "Okay Darcy, bring out the list again," she demanded, holding out her hand.

    I grudgingly dug out the now worn piece of paper from my purse. Its creases were getting thin. I held the folded square in my open palms like a wounded bird.

    "Gimme that thing," Cynda snatched it. Her long fingers quickly unfurled the square, exposing smeary blue ink.

    "Read it! Out loud!" she barked.

    I began in a soft voice:

    Pros: six ft. tall, chiseled cheekbones, owns a Mustang, kisses are like melted chocolate..."

    Cynda interrupted, "Blah, blah. Enough with the gooey reminiscing. Get to the point."

    My eyes moved down the page. I spoke with more force now.
    Never gave me flowers, bragged that I did his laundry, 'jokingly' called me a dumb blonde, made rude comments about other girls..."

    Cinda, eyebrows raised, butted in. "Are we good now?" she asked, giving me that steely-eyed look.

    "Absolutely!" I nodded my head.

    "You tried to see the good in that boy but there was none," Cynda reminded me. "As my grandpa used to say,' You can polish a turd all you want, in the end it's still a turd.'"

    I was luckier than most to have a friend like Cynda.

  12. Pros - excellent piece!
    Cons - none!

    Deb - Mondo superb!

  13. Thank you Lightverse!
    So many GREAT posts! Nice to hear from Trish and Casey too.

  14. They were all great! I can't pick a favorite!hahahahaha

  15. Hey Heather, shouldn't you be cleaning? hahaha Sorry, couldn't resist, I just read your blog! I will henceforth keep my comments strictly FlashyFiction. Promise.

  16. :D

    that's the only thing left! Ugh!

    It's called... procrastinating.

  17. Hmm, so much good already written. Lets see what I can do.


    God! Why was there always something messing up the shot? First the clouds were blocking all the light, then the wind started whipping the girl's hair around.

    I know it's kind of cheesy and stereotypical for the chubby nerd to be good with technology and everyone expects me to have a top of the line digital hooplah with all the bells and whistles because my parents are sorry that I'm fat and they obviously neglect me, but honestly, I use a manual wind camera that my dad bought when he was in college, my whole family loves to eat and I pay for the film myself.

    All that's beside the point because some creepy girl keeps popping up and ruining the focus of my shot. My first paying gig, an engagement announcement picture and 25 proofs. Sixty bucks. And if I had that sixty I'd be that much closer to the lens I want.

    Jesus Christ!

    I swear I should know her, but right now, I know I'd just swear at her.

    Oh crap, she's got a gun. That's my ex!

  18. ROFL.

    I was laughing by this line: my parents are sorry that I'm fat and they obviously neglect me

    But the end - NICE. hahahahaha

  19. B.Nagel - let's see what you can do??? You brought the house down! What a great story!!!