Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Dream?

Sleep this time tonight. Sleepwalk in the light.


  1. Susan trudged through her day as a teller at Bank of America. Putting up with the wise cracking customers who thought they were hilarious, the angry-at-the-world people who took out their self contempt on waiters and bank tellers, the meek souls she felt sorry for, and the oblivious.

    What the hell was the point of this life anyway?

    At the end of the long day, Susan found solace in the condo she shared with no one. Better to be alone than with some jerk, right? Sometimes she wasn't so sure.

    But lately Susan had been entering a dream world that was far more satisfying than her reality. Night after night, after slipping beneath the covers, she encountered a world where she held power and confidence. Her talents and abilities were sought after, admired, cherished.

    With each passing day, Susan herself became more confident. But she also couldn't wait for the dreams that she knew would come to take her away from this sad little life.

    This night, Susan slid into bed with anticipation. She was not disappointed. The man that appeared in this night's dream was everything she had ever hoped for. Tall and muscular, dark and strikingly handsome. He came to fetch her. She went willingly.

    The manager at Bank of America was quite surprised that Susan did a no-call, no-show on Tuesday. It was so unlike her.

  2. LOL, B! Where's yours? I know you pick these prompts because you want to write something!