Sunday, July 26, 2009

LOL Sunday


  1. So what you're telling me is that I went to a wedding. Do you even know me? Let me introduce myself. Hello, my name is Boris. I eat out of a ceramic dish shaped like a fish, enjoy long walks on the beach and don't do weddings. And why is my mouth taste like on of your socks?

    Ohmigod. You took me to the vet and had my nerbles snipped! How could you? And trying to cover it up with a flimsy wedding story and a costume garter. I'm on to you, missy, and I am burning with indignation.

    If you ever leave that underwear drawer open, you'll be coming home to a little present wrapped in cotton.

  2. I haz a condition. Iz called garter neck, or annoying owner. I forgetz.

  3. Oh the indignities I must suffer! The next time she puts a pink bow or reindeer antlers or - or - or whatever this is, I shall indeed bite the hand that feeds me.

    I must just keep telling myself, I have nine and she has only one. Small comfort, but still...