Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Truth?

Every once in a while, I think I'm lying.


  1. Have you heard of cryptomnesia? It's when you plagiarise without meaning to. Like if you heard this fantastic poem when you were really drunk and you write a poem the next week for class that IS the exact same poem and you get yelled at by the principal and your mom threatens to send you to a military academy.

    That's why I need your help, guys. I think my mind is trying to send me to a military academy. Sometimes, when I'm talking to a teacher or sending an email to an aunt, words come out that I didn't mean. And, every once in a while, I think I'm lying. Take it to the bank, I believe every word I say.

    maybe it's aliens.

  2. The flimsy handles of the shopping bag started tearing away, threatening to toss the produce to the asphalt. Annie was fake-crying that she wanted a new mommy who would buy her candy. She kept pulling her sticky hand out of mine, despite the fact we were in the parking lot. Her act of ultimate defiance: to put herself in danger. From inside my satchel, my phone started playing one of the songs from "Wicked" to let me know that my mother required my attention again. Immediately.

    An elderly gentleman had just parked next to my mom-mobile. His door stood propped open against the side of my minivan that had Annie's carseat. My cell phone went off again. I bunched the grocery bags tighter in my hand, cutting off circulation but preventing parking lot fruit salad.

    A year later, the man got out of his car and closed the driver's door, smiling as he forged the key, let it cool, created the mechanism and locked the car.

    "Hello." He smiled down at Annie as though she were a cherub. "Looks like you've got your hands full."

    I returned the smile, brighter than midday sun. "Oh, nothing I can't handle."

  3. WOW Aerin. Way to bring it. Great Story.

  4. Amazing what I can do late at night.

  5. That sounds totally wrong