Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scary Story Sunday

We gathered around the campfire.

Image from awesome site


  1. Billy cleared his throat. We gathered around the campfire, our "senior campfire". The three of us homeschoolers. "Once upon a time, an old man wrote a story."

    "Good one, Billy. 'Snever happened before or since, eh?" Alec was a smartass.

    Billy glared through his glasses at Alec. "As I was saying, an old man wrote a story. There was a nerdy boy and a shallow beautiful girl and a villain. The boy was killed by the villain and the shallow girl realized that she had loved the nerdy boy. Then the villain killed the girl and that was the end of the story." Billy breathed in.

    "Hooray. Bedtime?"

    Billy grinned as he pulled the knife. "Not unless you've decided to be the nerdy boy."

  2. Yikes! The dark streak continues...
    I love it.