Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Funkday - 3 Word Salad





  1. This was a bad idea. The lump in my throat was a clear indication. But sometimes you just had to ignore that inner wisdom and go with reckless. This was one of those times.

    I'd written an entire spiral notebook of poems for Brady Connor. Love poems. He knew all about it because I had read one to him each night for the last three months.

    Now, I was going to honor Brady with a presentation of the completed work.
    I carefully wrapped the black-bound notebook around the dirty brick I'd found in the alley and secured it with duct tape.

    Damn, this thing was heavy. Hopefully I had enough muscle to make my mark. I brought the package close to my lips for a send-off kiss.

    "This is for you Brady," I whispered to the brick, "for ignoring your inner wisdom and being reckless with Janie Williams."

  2. Thanks Casey! Anyone else going to post? Anyone???

  3. (I hope you guys get this - lol)

    I was doodling in my spiral during French class when James leaned over and whispered, “What's that?”

    I put the final touches on my masterpiece and then spun it around so he could see it better. “It’s you.”

    “Me?” James studied the funny little dude in the football uniform. “Why does my head look like a brick?”

    “It’s a block,” I reassured him.

    He studied the drawing long and hard before admitting, “I don’t get it.”

    I smiled and pulled the spiral back over to me. “Oh, I know.”

  4. HAHAHAHA! ROFL...I love it, Casey!

  5. Thanks, Deb! We need to get Heather to post one since she didn't yesterday (when she said she would - ahem).

    Ohhh, Heather!

  6. Yeah, I'm sure she's not doing anything. LOL
    What's happened to RJ? B.Nagel? Maybe it's the holiday weekend thing.