Monday, July 13, 2009

Mondayne Monday

Three Word Salad ... of the Weird Kind.

quidnunc - a gossip or nosybody

agraffe - the wire cage which holds down the cork in a bottle of champagne

sitooterie - a summerhouse or gazebo

If you are curious, there is a wonderful website called Worthless Word for the Day. If it's odd, archaic, unexpected, etc., chances are, it's listed in this compendium.


  1. Listen up, mister! You put your sitooterie back in that chair and eat the food your mother prepared. I don't believe for a minute that the agraffe juice hurts your throat and she slaved all day over this quidnunc salad. She may not speak to good, but she can make a damn fine hepatic steak.

    [Um. That's all I got. Sorry.]

  2. bwahahahahahahaha! You got a lot!


  3. Too hilarious!!! You really talk like that don't you B.?