Friday, August 31, 2012

Snail's Pace

Image Credit: Photobucket/anhanh_2008

Maybe a little transforming Friday will inspire you...a shift in point of view can be freeing sometimes and may spark for you the children's book you always wanted to write...perhaps. Either way, have fun with it...bring in all the sensory details and characteristics of a snail's life if you like! 

Happy Friday Flashy Fiction writers! :)



    A man among men was Albert Flanders. A true leader; a man with ideas. He had spent his life in a hurry to get anywhere. If his feet were still moving, it was a good bet that Albert had a plan. He was that kind of man.

    And people tended to take his lead. Flanders always adhered to the bromide: "Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!". The man with direction (Albert) was naturally the boss. The followers liked his ideas, but hadn't the intestinal fortitude to see them through to completion. Those totally disinterested were best to just sit there and not be trampled.

    At least that's how it was when Albert was in his prime. It was hard to keep up with a man that was committed to succeed. And despite the consensus, success was NOT a bad thing; not something to be punished, only something to be celebrated. But as the years passed, folks found it much easier to just not be trampled. Albert still took charge, but fewer and fewer people were inclined to move forward with him.

    "Teach a man how to fish, and you'd feed him the rest of his life" Albert retorted, "but I'll be damned he'd still want you the provide the worm and bait his hook for him!" And so it was.

    Flanders was old now. A shell of his former self; a slower version of the man obsessed. But he still possessed the inner fire; he continued to drive forward, one shuffle at a time. Albert still had a plan.

    At least his feet were still moving. He was that kind of man.

    1. Excellent take on this, Walt...neat coincidence...just last night I wrote of something my father used to say...there're two ways to live: You can happen to life or you can let life happen to's your choice. Your story made me recall this.