Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Dimension

Time travel is possible.  Send your characters backward or forward in time or perhaps jump around through the milenia several times.

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  1. Doctor Who?

    "Man, this is my 11th time regenerating and I am STILL not a ginger!" said the new Doctor. All he wanted was to be ginger. So the closest thing is to find a ginger companion. Luckily, he found a girl in need of a Doctor.
    Amelia Pond was just a girl at the time, barley 10, and there was a mysterious crack in her wall that gave her nightmares. She doesn't have any family except for her aunt. All she wanted was for someone to fix the crack- and she got it.
    The TARDIS crashed in Amelia's front yard. She rushed to the window to see what was the matter. What she saw was a strange man in a Police Box. She ran outside to see him.
    "Who are you?" she asked.
    "Why, I am the Doctor." he replied.
    "But, you're not a police man? You're in a Police Box."
    "No, I am not a police man. I am a time travelling time lord. This is my TARDIS."
    "Are you here to fix the crack in my wall?" she asked hopefully.
    "What crack? Does the crack give you nightmares?" asked the Doctor curiously.
    "Yes, it's inside; in my room." and she lead him there.
    He took out his sonic screwdriver and sonic-ed the wall. He checked the screwdriver. "Oh no no no no no. This is not good. Amelia, I will be back very soon." He ran to the TARDIS and travelled years into the future. Unfortunatly, that was seconds for him, years for her. He knew together, they could save worlds in his timey whimey machine called the TARDIS.