Thursday, January 3, 2013


A new year, a new direction. A chance to begin again. 
They say all endings are beginnings.
So logically, beginnings can be endings. 
Write a story that begins with the ending, 
and ends where it should have started.

And they lived happily ever after.... once upon a time!

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    Normal schedules return here at Wilfred Center. I get to have the morning paper after breakfast. That is after I’ve helped Miss Sally, Miss Georgene and Mr Marcus eat. They won’t eat unless I help them. I don’t mind how long they take. They all sit at the same table and I listen to them call me by different names. They think I’m related somehow. I just touch their arms gently. When it is time for another bite I tap their the under part of their nose with the clean handle part of the spoon and they open up to receive the same oatmeal that is our standard morning meal along with orange juice and water to swallow medications. These elders don’t mind that I don’t talk. They are either half blind or completely blind. So they can imagine me however they want. I used to care for Mr. Jack too. But he died last year.

    Once I get the paper I get to play with the word substitution puzzle. But I don’t use a pencil. I just work at it in my head. There isn’t a whole lot else in there I’m guessing so I have room to memorize things for a bit anyway. That’s one of the codes I use in my journal that they let me keep. Different everyday. Doc Standish spends about a half an hour a week talking to me. Asking me questions that I don’t answer. I’m thinking that she thinks I’m a lot smarter than I let on. She may be right. But I like it here. Not that I didn’t like it on the farm. But then I was still angry at my Mama for leaving me. And every once in awhile I’d destroy something. I didn’t know how to express my emotions. Guess I scared them once too often so one day a big black car came up the drive and took me away. I ended up here.

    My Mama told me not to talk. Not to tattle. Maybe it was her own demons or the drugs she took talking. No matter. Talking just seems a waste of time anyway. I’m happy enough here being Miss Sally’s granddaughter Annie, Miss Georgene’s sister Sammy and Mr. Marcus’s daughter Claire. I do wonder occasionally about Grace. She was the closest thing I ever had to a sister - guess after sharing a room with someone for ten years can do that.

    Happy ever afters are only in fairy tales. Living in ‘The Twilight Zone’ is a different story altogether. That’s what this place is for us living here, a real life ‘Twinkie - Zone.’ You just never know what’s in the center of the sponge cake of our minds.

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