Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Your ABC's

Today, you must include all 26 letters of the alphabet in your short fiction.  Good Luck.


  1. My life in the Alphabet.

    Abigail... That's me
    Born on the number 3.
    Cradled in the arms of my mother. Currently
    Dreams of becoming an author one day.
    Everyone knows me for my sharp intellect. I
    Found peace in writing little poems about love.
    Gushing out my feelings in wave of words. I
    Have a wonderful life with my friends and family
    I am a full-time student, who finds time to do other things. I
    Just wanted to be understood by one person. And found him, he is
    Kind and
    My life now is pretty astounding as you see.
    Never really... boring. Just not as fun as it could be.
    Only have one younger brother (Thank God!) He is
    Plain annoying! I tell him to
    Quit annoying me! But do you
    Really think he would ever listen?
    Sarah Kay, She inspires me so much. She
    Taught me that my poetry doesn't have to rhyme,
    Unless you wantit to. She is so
    Very talented, and someday I would love to be just like her.
    Well, the alphabet is almost done, and nearing the end of my poem.
    eXcept the fact that life isn't as clear as it could be, and I would like to thank
    You for taking th time to read about my somewhat
    Zany life. Thanks!

  2. Very Clever Abi. I enjoyed this very much however something tells me it is not entirely fictional. Thanks for posting !