Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best Friends

  A Best Friend.  We've all had one at some point in our life.  A childhood friend, a brother or sister, maybe a mom or dad or other relative, college roommate, or just someone with whom we met and "clicked."  Write a bit of Flashy Fiction about your protagonist and his/her best friend or maybe a story about your protagonist's best friend as seen from your protagonist's view.

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  1. Stranger than Fiction?

    There is nothing like the feeling that you are actually someone else’s best friend. Until you are crushed like a bug on the sidewalk. And your guts are spilling out all over the place and you feel as if you are naked to the world. That’s the day you lower your expectations. Ignore beatitudes and false salutations that everyone tends to think you will profit from. Because you don’t. Not when you have two left feet. Can’t dance. And have no idea who the artist was that just played that melancholy song that you think was written just for you. Misfit. Call the garden spade a trowel and be done with it. Dig deep within yourself because there just isn’t going to be anyone else that is going to dig you out of the hole that you have been buried in.

    There is a tiny ray of light that creeps into the dungeon of your chained thoughts. The English teachers who say you’ve expressed yourself well. And have rewarded you with one of the few A’s you’ll ever get. So you grab it, the pen and press hard onto the paper wanting to engrave your thoughts just in case the ink should fade. Will it always be this way. It certainly feels like a living hell. The tag-a-long that no one really wants, the younger sibling that no one wants even in the darkened movie theatre.

    And then it happens. The dawn explodes at a chance meeting, and then a second date. And a third. After a couple of unsuccessful beau’s, you get engaged. And you let your parents invite
    all the relatives of the family weddings that they’ve gone to before yours. Years later you laugh at the vain that’s is popping out of your forehead in your wedding photos. After the house is empty, and then refilled with grandchildren...you wonder where the thirty years went by. And you figure it out - you’ve married your best friend.