Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Prompt

I can resist everything except temptation.

-Oscar Wilde


  1. Dares don’t bother me. Double, triple, quadruple dog dares can’t get under my skin. My friends call me a daredevil, a whirlwind, a showoff, cajones grandes. Just because I heckle the principal and streaked the cafeteria twice in one week. There are rumors that I’ll do anything for a dare or a dollar.

    It’s simply not true. I don’t care what people say, my image isn’t golden, I don’t have a bubble to burst.

    I have no filter between my desires and my actions.

    The shrink my parents pay for says it’s infantile. I admit it can be dangerous, like the time I pinched the cop’s butt. That ended up being hilarious.

    I’ll tell you how to keep me quiet. Dare me to act out.

  2. Brava, B. Nagel! What a fun read!

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  4. She was one total hottie, I can tell you that. Her parents named her aptly and I wonder if they knew just how prophetic an act this was. Temptation. Temptation Jones. Long, shiny, raven hair; deep, teasing, cocoa-brown eyes and a body that went on for days - and by that, I mean the most heaven-sent, idyllic days ever.

    Almost every guy I ever knew would have practically killed for the chance to be with her. This I wholly believe. Why? Because it is true – well, at least, in one sense, anyway. And that is why Sam Parker is sitting in prison right now, doing twenty to life.

    See, like me, Sam Parker was totally and utterly possessed by that gorgeous little she-devil. The problem, as far as Sam was concerned, was that I was married to her. Lucky me. Unlucky Sam. However, Temptation being Temptation, she could never refuse a sweet-talking man, especially one who’d bring her expensive gifts, which unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to do, at least on a regular basis - the same way as Sam did.

    So, he managed to win her over, more or less. She was afraid I’d never agree to a divorce (she was right!) so they spoke of getting me out of the picture. They staged it like a break-in, and Sam shot me, once, in the head, while I snoozed on the couch.

    But killing me apparently wasn’t what Temptation meant, or so she told the cops, who, to a one, believed her tearful words. Then, she swore up and down and six ways to the wind (to Sam) that she’d always be faithful to him - and since he was still completely besotted by her, he believed her too.

    Sam took the whole rap solo, pleading guilty as charged. He quoted Oscar Wilde, saying in his defense, “I can resist everything except Temptation.”

    I have to agree with Sam. Even after everything, I still can’t resist Temptation either, which is why I stick around and haunt her to this very day.

  5. Okay, I give up. Lightverse, you are unbelievable!!!!!

  6. I can resist everything except temptation…which isn’t saying much as I’m tempted by pretty much everything these days. And as Kris would remind me, “isn’t that how you got in this predicament in the first place?” Yeah, now I’m hearing the voices of my friends in my head. Maybe that’s a side effect? I should ask the doctor.

    “Emma Howard?” I catch the nurse’s eye and hoist myself up off the waiting room couch. She’s wearing pink stork scrubs. Nice. I follow her down the long corridor and begin rehearsing the story in my head. Junk food has always been like an addiction to me. Skittles lately. An obsession really. Maybe I should go with that.

    “Step on the scale please.” The nurse gestures to the unstable, tall contraption. As if I haven’t been here at least fifty times already. Okay, maybe not fifty. But lets just say waaaay too many for a typical girl my age.

    “Um, I’ve put on a little weight. It’s just that I’ve been so ravenous lately.”

    “That’s good,” Stork Scrubs smiles condescendingly like I’ve just recited my ABC’s, “you’re supposed to gain weight in your second trimester.”

    Yeah, well. As long as I don’t wind up looking all pear shaped afterwards like Mrs. Hillenbrand of the five kid posse down the street. Sigh.

    As soon as the door clicks closed to the exam room I dig through my backpack. Score! Skittles to the rescue.

  7. Thanks Deb M! And where is your post, may I ask???

    Jenna - what a most excellent take! Love it!

  8. Great flash, you three! I knew this quote could be interpreted in a ton of different ways and was eager to see what you'd come up with!

  9. “I can’t do it.”

    “Yes, you can.” Karen pushed me.

    I stumbled a few steps before I caught myself and turned back around. “What if he--”

    “So, what?” she cut me off. “What if he does? Are you going to chicken out?”

    No. No I wasn’t. I exhaled as I turned around again.

    “Go get him,” Karen whispered before she fell into a fit of giggles.

    I tuned her out, instead concentrating on my walk across the party. Deftly avoiding all obstacles, the beer glasses, dancing feet, and kissing couples – I made it to the other side.

    We came face to face. I almost lost my nerve.

    “Hi,” I said. It came out weakly, I doubt he would have heard me if he hadn’t been looking directly at me.


    “I so I heard…” What? What would make me sound the least stupid? The least desperate? “I heard that you, um… that you and Jessica broke up.”


    I stared at his mouth. God. What else could I say? It didn’t matter really. Would he remember this conversation tomorrow? Probably not. This was my chance.

    Leaning in I pressed my mouth to his, my hands came up and clutched at his shoulders. His mouth opened, allowing me to dip my tongue inside. Even though he was passive to my kiss, he participated.

    It was, oh, so yummy.

    Eventually I pulled back, blinking up at him.

    He cleared his throat. “Would you like to go upstairs with me?”

    “No thanks,” I said, stepping fully away. “I got what I wanted.”

    I left him there, walking back to where Karen was. She held out a five dollar bill. I snatched it from her hand and inserted it into my pocket.

    “I didn’t think you’d do it.”

    “Yeah, well,” I tossed my hair, “It was a win –win.”

  10. Definitely win-win! =D Terrific!

  11. I stood there looking at her beautiful smile. She looked so happy. I couldn't believe I was getting away with it.

    I needed just a few more days before the papers would be "official" otherwise I would have pushed just then. God she was beautiful.

    I don't know if it's her money I like most, or the fact that she's a government official's daughter that makes me so jovial inside. Temptation is a bitch.

    The beautiful Grande Canyon. It's vast width and incredibly monstrous depths. It looked as though you were staring into a giant mouth - just ready to gobble her up at one flick of the wrist, or nudge of the foot.

    So many people had gone that way. She could join them at any moment and all I'd have to do is strum up some fake tears and act like I was devestated. Sounded easy enough. But thank God I had some restraint. Half a billion dollars was some wicked restraint too.

    "Say Cheese." She wouldn't even know it was coming.

    "Oh honey! This is amazing! You should totally be in the picture. Let's get someone to take it for us!" Minnie said.

    As if I would want to be in a picture with you. I am so tired of hearing your voice. Saying "I love you" and having to put the damn toilet seat down for the last eight days. I'm pretty sure the documents are legal by now right? I mean they were overnighted the day of the wedding. The court has probably recorded them by now.

    "Honey! There's someone! Grab him!"

    Ugh. Her voice is so annoying. Maybe I shouldn't wait. I mean 500 million dollars is a huge risk to take but what better chance is there than The Grande Canyon?

    "Honnneeeeyyyy. I lovveee yooouuu!"

    That's it.

  12. By the way, in my defense (lol), I have to write from assassin's POV in my MS. Soooo, I'm just sayin'....

  13. Wow, you guys! Those are some amazing posts!! Lightverse, my post is off in a corner pouting today.

  14. Come on, Deb! Post it! I dare ya. ;)

  15. PurpleClover - Wooooooooooowwwwwww!

    Deb M - awww - gee whilickers! (spelling?) Your post should definitely come out of the corner. No pouting on this site - remember? So...let 'temptation' guide you right here - and post your stuff...


  16. Don't be shy Deb-post. Come out and play in the middle of the room with everyone else.

  17. Come out and play in the middle of the room with everyone else.

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! That shall be my new catch-phrase... LOVE IT!

  18. Think your taunts are gonna get to me, huh? You bunch of bullies...hmph. Well, fine. Here it is:

    I was slumped down in the backseat of grandad's old blue Pontiac, pouting. It was a steamy Sunday afternoon and I was hot and sweaty, and mad.

    Mad at my mom for making me come on this stupid visit to "aunt" Geraldine's cottage at the lake.She wasn't even my real aunt.

    "The lake is so beautiful this time of year." I mimicked my mother's voice, under my breath while performing a snotty butt sashay on the plastic-y seat.

    Mad at the stupid flowered sundress clinging to my slippery skin. I tugged the fabric like a piece of twisted up Saran Wrap, my lips pressed hard together as I yanked back and forth.

    Mad at the stupid black patent leather shoes on my feet. I shook my feet as hard as I could without kicking the back of grandad's seat, hoping those shoes would just break or something.

    When we pulled up to the cottage, grandad squeezed the Pontiac between a yellow Buick and a black piece of junk car. Great, there were other people here.

    Mom oohed and ahhed over a bunch of stupid looking kids that belonged to "aunt" Geraldine's friend Marjorie.

    I just rolled my eyes and made a mean face at those kids so they'd all get the idea to stay the heck away from me today. Then I stomped out onto the skinny wooden dock.

    Not two dang, darn seconds later one of those kids was clomping out onto my dock. I turned, arms crossed, 'not interested' written all over my face.

    "Hey, aren't you Lorna?"

    I looked this yahoo square in his beady green eyes and said nothing.

    "Yup," he stuck out his chin. "My momma said you were a freckle-faced little snot, and she's sure right about that."

    I moved closer to Mr. Beady Eyes.

    "Yup," I said. "Your momma sure is right about that."

    Those beady green eyes sure looked surprised when I shoved him into the lake.

  19. Wow Deb, how did you know I had green eyes?
    Great story!

  20. LOL! Deb, nice to know you cave to pressure! I loved it. hahahaha

    Everyone did a fantastic job! I loved them all. :)

  21. Heather- Hee hee, of course I cave. But all the teasing gave me something to write about. You're right, everyone did a fantastic job. Thanks for that prompt Casey!

    B.Nagel- Howeva did ya'll know I was writin' about you?, she says in her best Scarlett voice.

  22. Neener neener neener! Gotcha Deb! (Knew you couldn't resist! Ha!)

    But what a great story. See? I told you it shouldn't just sit in the corner and pout.

  23. I come back today and see I've missed all the fun and teasing! Great stories Heather, Jenn, and Deb!

    These were all fabulous!