Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friday Funkday

"Well? Will you go out with me or not?"


  1. If I go out with him, there are so many things to consider.

    Like, first, how will this affect me socially. I mean, he's cute and he's second-string catcher on the baseball team, but there WAS that one time when he got drunk at Chris Murphy's party and puked all over himself. Do I really want to be known as the Girl Who is Going Out With the Guy Who Puked on Himself?

    And then there's the matter of that shirt. Does he know it has a hole in the back, down by the bottom? And that he's really NOT a "babe magnet"?

    But those eyes. They're all melty and brown. And when he smiles like that my heart gets all racy and my breathing just doesn't work right.

    Oh, what the hell?

    "Sure, I'd love to."

  2. Love that Trish!!!!

    And btw, oops! This posted a day early. Sorry!

  3. Ha! This reminds of a few mental rundowns I had in high school. Love it Trish!

  4. Oh, hell no. There was no way. Him touching me… kissing me… ugh, it was too much grossness to think about. “Um, I really don’t think….”

    “It will be fun.”

    “But I --”

    “You know you want to.” He leaned in close, his elbow rested on the locker above my head, trapping me in. “Say yes, baby, and get it over with.”

    What was up with this tool? Like, seriously? “I really don’t think so, Kurt. I have things to do tonight.”

    He shook his head yes like he understood. “Next week, then.”

    I took a deep breath. I had to get this over with. If I didn’t he’d bug me forever. I looked him straight in the eye, staring him down and willing him to see the truth. “I’m a lesbian.”

  5. I jumped as he flew into the seat across from me at the lunch table.

    "Huh?" was my brilliant response.

    I had just spent the last thirty minutes trying to wrap my seriously math-deficient brain around the latest calculus homework.

    "Will you go out with me or what?" he repeated.

    Holy crap. Jesse Carmichael asking me out?

    Squinting my eyes, I nonchalantly glanced around the cafeteria expecting to see the rest of his posse snickering and choking up pizza at the next table.

    Nothing. I was still suspicious.

    "Why?" I asked.

    "Don't you want to go out with me?" he asked innocently, slow-as-molasses and just as smooth.

    He leaned across the table. His hazel eyes locked onto my brown ones. I couldn't look away.

    Ears buzzing, mouth devoid of saliva, I rasped, "What makes you think I want to go out with you?"

    Wow, my voice sounded kind of sexy!

    Jesse reached across and lightly stroked my forearm, making the hair stand on end.

    My heart pounded. Could he see that through my t-shirt?

    "Well, I just thought..." he shrugged one shoulder. "You HAVE been flirting with me pretty shamelessly."

    Ohh, there goes the lock of hair over the left eye.

    Choke. He was on to me. I fluttered my Maybelline brownish-black eyelashes and lifted my Coke for a dainty sip, stalling.

    "You've got me curious, Evie." he murmured.

    Well, wasn't that the point? Yea, but I didn't what do I do with him?

    I knew what was coming next. The "smile". I steeled myself so as not to give away just how badly I wanted him.

    And then it happened. The "smile". Revealing a bright green remnant of spinach from today's pizza, wedged between his front teeth.

    And, just like giggling at someone who just walked into a light post, I couldn't stop myself. Coke spewed from my mouth, covering him like brown spray paint.

  6. Deb, I am so in love with that! Seriously! That was HOT!!!!