Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wild Wednesday

...and that's when I discovered his tattoo.

(You don't have to use the one in the photo. That's mine. ;) )


  1. She was the last person in the world to get a tattoo. Well, the second to the last, anyway. I mean, Elisabeth was totally conservative in her dress (meaning she never wore too-tight jeans and skirts, and no low-cut blouses, etc.), her speech (she never said any swear words, ever) and well, even just her general demeanor. You get the idea. Neat, quiet and polite. In fact, when we all went to the bars after work, when she actually came with us, she would get a spritzer and then sip it all night long.

    Which is what makes this all so weird.

    Our office was having their ‘Close of the Quarter’ party at Quintino’s Restaurant. It was due to start around 8-ish. Even with a rough economy, we had done fairly well, and we all were in the mood to celebrate, especially as the management was (hopefully) going to hand out bonuses. Several of the women from my office were getting changed into fancier, night-on-the-town clothes in the ladies’ loo. I had initially gone in there too, but realized I left my lipstick on my desk, and headed back to retrieve it.

    As I walked back to my desk, I noticed the door to Henry’s office was shut, but I thought I heard Elisabeth’s voice in there. Henry’s our boss, you see. Curiosity definitely got the better of me in this case, but so did a bit of discretion (for obvious reasons) so I knocked loudly and then opened the door.

    Like I said, Elisabeth was the second to the last person in the world I’d expect to be sportin’ a tattoo –especially in the place where her tattoo was located. And also, I have to say here that Henry was actually the third to the last person in the world that I’d have expected to have a tattoo, too.

    But you know what else? I got a really nice bonus for the quarter, as it happened, and I used some of the money to finally go out and get myself a tattoo.

  2. Haha! I love this! (Thanks for actually taking it on, too. I was afraid it was heading for 0 comments!)

  3. “Is it… permanent?”

    “It’s a tattoo! What do you think?” Kaylee admired the black scrawl in the mirror. It was placed just above her ankle, so she was wearing heels to show it off to the best advantage.

    “I can’t believe you got his name.”

    “I know! It’s romantic isn’t it?”

    Not in the slightest. “Sure.”

    “He’s going to just die when he sees it.”

    “Listen to me,” It was obviously my job to talk sense in to her. Of course, I should have done that before she marked up her body. “What if you break up?”

    Kaylee scowled. “We are not going to break up.”


    Kaylee’s pink diamond encrusted cell phone rang. She walked over to it, swaying her hips slightly. “I think it looks even better when I walk.”

    “Uh, huh.”

    She rolled her eyes at me, then picked up the phone. “Hello?... What do you mean?... But you can’t!... I… ASS!”

    Kailyee clicked the END button with aggression. And then she stayed there, in that position, staring at her phone like it might bite her.

    “What happened?” I asked.

    She looked over to me, her eyes wet with tears. “He broke up with me.”

  4. Lightverse – OMG! Hahaha

    Trish – sometimes it takes a while. I’m only just getting up.

  5. Heather - that was perfect! Like, wait for it - wait for it! Ba da boom! =D

  6. Trish - that was definitely a challenging prompt! Thanks!

  7. My best friend Angela's party was in full swing. It was a BFF, end of school year tradition for the four of us--me, Ang, Carlie, and Monica. We'd been putting on a crazy luau since eighth grade graduation and not much had changed, except Angela's parents kept out of our way now. They were trying to be 'progressive' and 'trusting'.

    What Ang's parents didn't realize was that the boys had progressively gotten hotter and hunkier. Trust me.

    Way back at our first luau, Carlie had come up with a friendly little competition, just between the four of us. Whoever made out with the most guys that night was treated to a professional mani/pedi and facial at Belle De Jour spa, courtesy of the three losers.

    Everyone had had their turn except me. I was not giving any one of them seconds, even if they were my best friends.

    So far it was neck and neck (excuse the pun)between me and Carlie when suddenly I saw her duck into the powder room with Mike Slezak. That sneaky little...

    As I scanned the room for my next conquest ( I just had to win!) I heard my name called out.

    "Hey Abby!" It was cutie pie Jason Ferguson. Why hadn't I cornered him yet? He was sooo cute but way shy. One of those guys that faded into the background. He'd always followed me around like a lost dog, but never had the guts to ask me out.

    I started toward him, with the intention of quickly making this my catch-up guy.

    Mmmm, I never remembered his hair being so longish and silky. And he looked like he'd been working out. A LOT. Wow, when did all that happen? I stopped and drank him in.

    He approached me with a confidence I'd never seen in him. Walked straight up and took my hand. I was speechless.

    "What's up Jason?" I was a little weirded out. Maybe he was going to tell me that my parents had been in a car wreck or something.

    "I just wanted to say that you look really hot tonight, Abby." He gave me a smoldering eye look.
    My stomach and nether regions got all tingly.

    I squinted and blinked at him. This guy could never say two words to me without blushing. Now I was the one feeling the heat take over my face.

    "You want to go in the next room and make out?" he asked sweetly.

    "Um, okay?" was my corny response. I was melting here. I followed Jason like a Stepford wife.

    We sat down on the sofa and Jason snuggled me to him. "You know, I've been crushing on you for a long time Abby," he confessed. "How about you stop with your contest tonight and just be with me?"

    "You know about that?" I pulled away and stared at his dark brown eyes.

    Jason gave me a wicked little smile just before he covered my mouth with his soft lips.

    I reached up to tuck a wave of silky hair behind his right ear. That's when I discovered the tattoo on the side of his neck.

    'Abby' was written in tiny script.

    I didn't really need a mani/pedi anyway.

  8. Lightverse-excellent, as always!
    Heather, you snuck yours in there while I was writing mine! Yours was great...we did a totally different take on the name tattoo thing. haha
    Trish, the prompt was great!

  9. OMG! Wow! I once again extend my offer to beta for you! ;)

    I am a sucker for a man w/ tattoos. Yum.

  10. Be careful what you offer girl, I may take you up on it! :D Thanks!!

  11. I offer to very few people, so when I do, I’m serious. I’ll read anything you’ve got. ;)

  12. Okay, when I get it out of my head & on 'paper', I'll let you know. It's easier to write here and stall you know?

  13. Stall?! I wouldn’t know anything about that! Nope, not me.


    Back to work.


  14. Seriously, this is the coolest group on the internet! For reals!