Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Prompt: Ouija


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  1. Growing up, I had the sensation that something that was missing. My mother always looked at me with one eye of wonder and one eye of sorrow. Now I know that it’s because I am what survived, but I also represent what was lost.

    I didn’t know until that night, when we were playing with the Ouija board in the attic, that this was because I was one half of a twin set. And I didn’t know until we used the Ouija board that my twin was so angry about me living after he died.

    If I could take back what I learned that night, close whatever unseen door I opened that night, I would—because my life has been a nightmare ever since.

    I have my twin back, but only I can see him. And only I can feel his rage.

  2. That would make an awesome YA novel Christy! Love it!

  3. Christy, I just got chills! And I agree with Casey-turn that into a YA novel!

  4. A rush of adreniline flew through me. It was pointing to the "U". I knew I shouldn't have followed along. I shouldn't have come. I knew better but at the same time I wanted to know. Was this this sign I was looking for? Would this lead me in the direction I need to go? Was this the beginning of the point of no return.

  5. "You can't use that thing!" I pleaded with my sister Amanda and her friends.

    "Why not, scaredy cat?" she laughed," It's just a game."

    "No it's not!" I was trying to stay calm. "I saw this show that said using a Ouija board opens a portal, letting evil spirits into this world!"

    They ignored me. I stayed to watch. Just like I'd continued to watch that program; I had to see what was going to happen.

    Of course, it didn't help that we lived in an area of Boston famous for ghostly sightings. Or that my parents had gone skiing in Vermont for the weekend. Or that a freezing rain storm had just begun.

    As much as I couldn't stand them, I was thankful that Amanda and her nitwit friends were having a slumber party here.

    Until I woke up at 2am, sweating. Amanda had forgotten to turn down the heat. I'd have to go do it myself. That, or lie here and sweat to death.

    I dragged myself up and padded into the dark hallway. The storm had blown over and bright moonlight was streaming in through the window, casting black shadows on the hardwood floor and walls.

    The house was silent. They'd all finally gone to bed.

    Maybe not. I turned to look behind me as I heard the bathroom door shut. Strange, no light on. Oh well.

    I started toward the stairs but stopped when I stepped in wetness. Damnit, Amanda! Now I'd have to clean up their mess. Mom was going to be pissed if the floor was ruined.

    I lifted my foot and held it in the moonlight. Even with the shadows, I could tell what it was.

    I swallowed silently and looked closer. Blood. Splattered on the floor and across the door to Amanda's room.

  6. Jules, I keep wondering what the "U" meant to your character!

    And Deb! That's soo creeepy! *Shudder*

  7. One rainy afternoon, when my sister and I were bored and could think of nothing else to do to amuse ourselves, we brought down the old Ouija board set from the attic. To be honest, I think my sister actually suggested the idea of playing with it because she was kind of into Tarot cards and palm readings and weird stuff like that – and also, because she probably thought it might spook me a bit. As it turned out, whether or not that was her intention, it did spook me – and more than just a bit.

    We opened the box.

    “Aww! It’s missing the heart-shaped reader-thingee!” Sarah sighed.

    “For your information,” I said pompously, “It’s called a planchette.”

    “Whatever. It’s missing.”

    “Oh well, I guess we can’t play with the Ouija board then.” I picked up the lid to put back on the box when Sarah stopped me.

    “Wait a second,” she said, “I think I have something that’ll work instead. I have some Valentine’s Day stuff in my arts and crafts box. Let me go get it.” Sarah ran out of the room and returned a few minutes with a small blue wooden heart. She handed it to me. “Why don’t you go first?”

    I asked, “Will I get a good grade on my science test next week?” It spelled out ‘posibly.’ I sneered at Sarah. “This is so dumb. And by the way, possibly is spelled p-o-s-s – yeah, two esses! – i-b-l-y.”

    She shrugged, acting all attitude-y, like 'who cares', and then she said, “Okay, Miss Boring Question Lady – it’s my turn! Here goes. Is there someone here in the room with us? Someone from the great beyond?” She giggled.

    I rolled my eyes. The heart moved and pointed to the word YES. I rolled my eyes again. “Come on, Sarah. Stop pushing on the heart. This is really irritating, you know?”

    Sarah said, “I didn’t push the heart. I swear it!”

    I looked at Sarah’s face, which at first, looked all innocent and everything - but then changed to a strange blank expression. She seemed to look right past me as a voice that came from Sarah but didn’t sound quite like her said, “But I did.”

  8. Yikes, Lightverse, I'm totally freaked out!

    Love that this is just one creepy post after another! Great prompt.

  9. Thanks Christy! I think it's a great prompt, too. In fact, I gave it to my kids and they're playing with it right now. The posts here really are just wonderfully creepy!


  10. Wow all of you guys could mix these flash fiction together and have one hell of a story. Good job.

  11. Ooo another creepy one. Awesome Lightverse.

    Can I just say I'm happy I don't have a Ouija board in my house right now?

  12. lightverse, I'm totally creeped out! In a good way. haha