Monday, August 27, 2012

A dog's life?

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 How is it a dog's life?  Tell the story from the dog's point of view.  Include a couple of woofs and arfs to make it really doggone good!

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    "I can't believe it! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" Galahad barked excitedly! "HE LEFT THE DOGGIE DOOR UNLATCHED!"

    At least that's what Galahad, the Winkle's Golden Retriever heard in his head. The Winkles only caught a lot of "AAAAARRRROOOOOOOOOROUGH!"
    The howl was starting to irritate the old man.

    "I'm gonna go out if you don't latch it! I'm gonna go out! I GOTTA GO OUT!! I GOTTA GO...AAAAARRRROOOOOOOOOROUGH, RUFF!"

    "SHADDUP, YOU STUPID MUTT!" Dick Winkle shouted at the vigilant pet!

    Galahad responded in his way, yipping and howling, rolling his growl deep in his throat!

    "WOOF! WOOF! WOOOOOOOOOOOROUGH"; in the dog's head "I'm going in your running shoes!"

    Shoes. One man's weapon is another dog's chew toy. As Winkle's slipper bounded down the stairs, Galahad had had enough.

    Taking the smelly loafer gently between his bite, Galahad headed for the swivel flap of the back door. Silent and stealthily "Gallie" leaped over the privet to freedom as he ran to the park.

    "To the pee place" he yapped happily, thinking to himself, "Woo, woo, woof, woof... AAAAARRRROOOOOOOOOROUGH" Galahad dropped the footwear on the intersection as he crossed the road.

    Panting and tail wagging, Galahad watched the tractor-trailer as it sped down the road.

    "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he howled with glee.

    The truck driver gave a long blast of his horn, acknowledging Galahad's achievement.

    Very pleased with himself, Galahad stopped at his favorite tree to say his goodbyes, and to leave a little something by which to be remembered. He then sprinted past the lake and over the hill. He had a lot of world to discover, and Galahad was glad Winkle was such a dumb human.

    All of his days lay squarely ahead for Galahad; his dog days indeed!