Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pretty Please?

                        Kiera Kai Love Jackson - photo credit by De Jackson 

A big juicy bone? Alms for the poor? Forgiveness?

What is your main character begging for? And does he/she get it? What are the consequences? Flash us your fiction today, with a fair amount of cajoling, mooching or pleading involved. Then post it here. Please. Don’t make me beg.


  1. De, just to let you know, I love that extermely cute picture! Awwww!

    "Mother,please!" Suzan pleaded.

    All Suzan wanted in her life was a cat. Sheknew every sort of house cat and knew exactly what one she wanted. A Tabby.

    "No, Suzan. Not yet. You know that we cannot have one while we are living here." replied her mother.

    Their house was a condominium. So the couldn't that OUTDOOR cats. So, there was a loophole.

    Then coes the next day. The next week. The next month. The next year where everyday she begged and pleaded for a cat. She everyday said facts about cats and how they are good for a family.

    One day, her mom took her on a "secret trip". She was SO curious. So she kept asking where they we going.

    "Where ARE we going?" she repeated until they parked.


    The MSPCA is a place where homless animals go to get adopted. She saw her perfect cat and when they took Ginny home, they had the best of times together,

    1. Abi, this is a great start. :) I'm so happy to see you writing so regularly. Keep up the good work!

  2. Peekaboo
    See Me, she begged, screaming at the others crammed in the elevator. She hit every button on the panel, forcing the trip to stop. SEE ME. Her voice ricocheted in the small space, making her head buzz with the sound.

    But the elevator didn't stop, and the others didn't look, for all of the feeling of screaming she hadn't made a sound, not a whisper, just stared straight ahead like everyone else.

    See me, she pleaded, as she walked down the street, jostled and bumped by people walking by. She made herself larger, filled her cells with air so that she took up the entire sidewalk. She willed herself to grow until she was as tall as the buildings, able to crush them underfoot. See me.

    But they kept walking by, and she was still so very small, nothing but vapor and dust, easily swept aside.

    See me, she cried, as the crowds filed into buildings, rolling through revolving doors like soda bottles in a factory, pulled into the gravity of subway entryways, a funnel of humans finding their way beneath the sidewalk. See me.

    I see you, he said.

    She looked down at the man, dirty and haggard, sitting on a flattened concrete box. His companion was a shopping cart, filled with the detritus of invisibility.

    I see you.

    She thought about how a baby covers its eyes and it disappears, at least in its mind's eye. She removed her hands and saw them all. The man, the crowd, the faces of the people walking by. The man on the phone, and the lady walking her dog, and the boy on the bicycle weaving through cars.

    I see you, she said to the man. I see you.

    It's amazing what happens, he replied, when you uncover your eyes.

    1. Oh, Jeannine. This is another stunner. Poignant, and elegant.
      Love this visual: "pulled into the gravity of subway entryways, a funnel of humans finding their way beneath the sidewalk"
      And her longing, repeated phrase. I've pleaded it myself, at times. Just gorgeous.

    2. Sweet, amazing, it left me speechless. It is like publishing a book. You hand your draft to the publisher. He "reads" it and says it is not to be published. Then you read thbis and say, "Please sir. Uncover your eyes." It may touch him, then actually READS the book YOU wrote, and you may get it published.

  3. Jeannine

    I loved this piece. It has a rhythm that is almost poetic in nature. It also leaves some work for the reader to do. I can learn to do this more myself, from this piece. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Nick! These are sort of my tone poems in free form. I write haiku, and love its mysterious nature--how it hints, without fully revealing. I will tuck your compliment in my pocket as a talisman against the "I got a rejection today" blues.