Thursday, August 9, 2012


The harder you dig, the more you uncover.
And sometimes, you bury your head in sand and miss details.

Take the title of a story or article in a magazine/newspaper and 
write a fictional story with that as your inspiration. 
Don't retell the story, give it a fresh new life!
We want as many details as you see fit written into your story.
What will you uncover? Dig deep and let your muse run free!

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  1. ~Sarah's Key~

    The year is 1934 and my mum and dad haven't any money to spare. I can tell by the look of their faces that times are tough and we barely have enough money to pay our bills. "We are scaping the bottom of the barrel, Sarah." Dad says to me.

    One day, I find a key sitting under my bed. I have no idea what door this goes to, but I will be like Nancy Drew and search for it.

    I knock on the walls to see what is solid, and what is hollow.

    "Since the key is in my room," I think to myself, "The door must be in my room!"

    I see a creace in the baby blue wallpaper that I remember being put up a child.

    I sat in a chair, with my feet dangeling and swaying to my own beat, and watched his arm going up and down, up and down. "Someday, life will be good to us, Sarah." Dad said.

    I take the key and use it's sharp pointy teeth as a blade. I hear the RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIPPP of the wallpaper undoing itself, unweilding its secrets within. I hold my breath. I don't mean to, but when you uncover a secret lying within your house would you think it is exquisit?

    As I slowly and steadily place the key into the lock and turn the key I see...