Sunday, August 19, 2012

Robotic Man on Display

Photo by L. Kolp
Use this photo to guide your imagination. It was taken in the New Orleans French Quarter several years ago. Look at the details, the expressions on the people waiting to go into The Court of Two Sisters restaurant. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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    1. I really enjoyed this, Nick. How very clever and creative of you!

    2. I loved it! In fact, I love this website becuase anything can be anything you want it to be! The character is very persistant.

    3. Laurie & Abi

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I really enjoyed writing this piece. I intend to slightly re-work it (so that it explains itself without the picture)and then submit it for an anthology.

      Abi - I agree with you about the variety of possibilities. That is the beauty of writing generally - that wherever you start from, and however many people start from the same place, only you decide where you end up!
      BTW I have read some of your work posted on the site and have enjoyed it. Thanks.

      Thanks for the prompt :-)


  2. Nick, That is extreme! A very intense piece, well thought out and written. I like this one a lot!

    1. I LIKED it a lot. Sorry you felt the need to remove it, Nick!

  3. Walt,
    Thanks for that!
    It was one of those rare pieces where the characters took over the story.
    Before I started writing fiction, (about two years ago), I always thought that when writers said something like that, they were just being pretentious, but it is great when it happens. :-)


    Gleaming, sun-drenched and fluid, his movements were graceful and crisp. The recent upgrade in programming was a good fit for BCM2212.73. He had been selected to present all improvements in the Android Series 3. He was the test case; the metallic guinea pig.

    But without any prior notice, Series 3 was deemed obsolete and no more models would be offered. In a blip of his micro-processor, BCM2212.73 was set out for the reclamation center. One "man's" life was another man's trash.

    The saving grace for Benny (which he preferred over BCM2212.73) was that since he was the prototype, he had an appendage up on the other automatons. He had been equipped with a survival chip and his sensors were all recently replaced. His artificial intelligence was on a totally different level and he had everything he'd need to make a go of it.

    Everything, except an umbrella and an oil can. Benny's head tilted skyward at the first rumble of thunder.