Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paradise Found

Paradise Found - Today write about a vacation to a dream destination that could be considered "Paradise".  Remember... this is fiction.

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  1. Hmm, Michael. Hard one. I guess my Paradice would have to be my Camp.

    "We love Gottalikachallenge, it's the camp for me! Here at Gottalikachallege, CREATIVITY!" I sing. It is the one place I could be myself. My crazy, zany Destination Imagination self.

    Destination Imagination (DI) teaches kids age 5-15 about teamwork, creative problem solving, and thinking OUTSIDE the outside of the box. You pick a challenge, and get a year to work on it, work with your team, and in March you present it to the apprasers. If you win locals, you move onto states. If you win in your divition, you move onto country. If you are lucky enough to win that, you move onto globals!

    At Camp Gottalikachallenge, you are astounded to see other people just like you, to just say that you were able to baffle councilers who are going into 10th grade, with a simple code resembling four numbers. If you like me, you gotta like a challenge!