Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Olympic Spirit

With the Olympics winding down, the prompt today is another wide open one.  Write about a fictional athlete in competition or training -or- invent your own Olympic event -or- write about gold, silver or bronze.  Let the Olympic spirit carry you away today.


  1. I see the competition from Russia, Japan, Korea,and China. Now it is time for USA to shine.
    I hear my name called and step up to the beam. All I try to think about is my routine. How is was made and perfected by me. How many times I had practiced and edited it. Then, how I imagined myself standing with my fellow teammated with a gold medallion shining around my neck.
    I mount the beam with great confidence and feel my heart beating rapidly. I try to calm my breathing and think about gold. I flip and turn and cartwheel my way to the end with great happiness. As I stick my landing with a great dismount I see my team smiling at me. They saw how great I was.
    I hear Russia Called third, then Japan second. All I can hear is the screaming of fans and clicking of the cameras. Then I hear it, "TEAM USA FOR GOLD!!!!!" I am shining. I have wanted this my whole life! As we go up and accept our victory, I see my mom and dad, screaming with happiness.


    Simeon Kimbuutu knew the time had come. This was his personal finish line. His last Olympic Games. At 47 years of age, Simeon had accomplished all he could in his storied career as a long distance runner. He was a national hero in his country. The small African Nation of Calderone could never be more proud of their native son. Kimbuutu had won his share of medals. But he saw his last chance slipping away.

    The runners from Kenya and Ethiopia were very strong and had dominated the sport since Simeon's last gold medal finish. The Calderone harrier didn't think he stood a chance against them now.

    He had been slated to run the second heat of his event. His stretched his tight muscles, not truly getting relief or confidence. Simeon stood with his hands on his hips and looked around at the throng of spectators.

    Bright banners were sparsely scattered throughout the stadium. The cacophonous roar filled his head, but did nothing to motivate Simeon. At that moment, all previous medals slipped from his memory. All the training he had done still left him ill-prepared for the fray. Being the oldest competitor in this young man's sport had Kimbuutu feeling old.

    Simeon looked to the end of the Paladia where the caldron stood ablaze. But, all he saw was an impossible feat. He held no passion. His feet felt like they had been cemented to the track. The starter called the runners to position.

    But Simeon Kimbuutu had nothing left. He had lost his fire.

    1. I love how you describe his hometown and the stadium and the fans. Also, how he had been "cemented to the track".It was amazing!

    2. Thanks Abi. Putting small details into your story color it in a completely different way.

      Do you also write poetry? If you do, I have a group with a friend and we explore different prompts and poetic forms. I think you'd get a lot from the instruction there. The lot of the administrators here contribute there as well. We'd be happy to have you check us out. POETIC BLOOMINGS ( < This link will get you there. It is open to poets of all ages and skill levels. We call it our little poetic garden walk.

  3. I haven't have tried poetry. But I guess I could try! I will check it out. Right now I am listening to DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth (I am sure you have heard of her) for like the millionth time!

    1. I have heard of Veronica. You can't go wrong with her work! :D

    2. I know right! She is what has made me write. She is amazing!!! I can try a little poetry right now. Not exactly outlined but planned a little.

      I am quiet and yet speak when I need to
      When you get to know me,I may reveal the secrets within
      As I try not to give myself up, I write and write And then,I have already given them up. But you Just have have not realized.

      Not my best, but I am listening to Veronica. She is all my focus.