Thursday, August 23, 2012


There have been many movie romances depicted on the Silver Screen.
Boy meets girl, Boy loses Girl,...
Happy endings sound like the perfect conclusion,
but we want you to take the Danny/Sandy (Grease),
 Scarlett/Rhett (Gone With the Wind), Edward/Bella (Twilight),
Rick/Ilsa (Casablanca), or any other romantic movie pairings and project them into their future selves. 
How did they REALLY end up? Happy Ever After or Crappy Never More?


  1. Based on the 2012 Spiderman.

    "Look, I understand you are out 'Saving the world' and all, but I need to spend TIME with you!" states Gwen. Peter Parker does sling webs but none of the less, he does make time for Gwen. She works as an intern at OSCORP.
    A few years ago, Peter Parker sneaked into OSCORP and found a room full of geneticly enhansed spiders. This turns to that, BOOM! Spiderman was born.
    "I am sorry if this city needs my HELP sometimes!" shouts Peter. He flips down on the ground, slings a web here and there, and falls into a web hammock.
    "We are done! I cannot stand you and your arogent 'hero' act!" Gewn storms off and slams the door.
    "Fine!" yells Peter. He jumps out the window and swings back to Aunt May's house and hides in his room, regretting everything.

    1. Oh, I'm a fan of this love story, too, nice pic and great depiction of their future. :)

    2. Thanks, I absoluty LOVE this sory. Also, what would you think if you were dating a superhero? The realistics of it is that you would never see them. Too busy saving the world. :'(

  2. Them and Us
    “We’re way beyond the Oda Mae days, sweet Molly,” says Sam one morning as they lie in each other’s arms. He brushes her cheek most affectionately and traces the length of her body with his cold finger-tips.

    Molly, these days, can audibly hear the voice of her one true love and because she looks crazy to most she has become something of a hermit to avoid the confused stares of the general public. She often looks a bit mad as she carries on what appears to be a one-sided conversation.

    “Yes, that’s one way of saying it,” states Molly passionately as she leans her face into the embrace of Sam’s broad and gentle hand.

    “Let’s go out today, Molly, I want to be around people, they’re funny! I promise that I won’t talk to you too much.”
    “Okay, but you said that last time, Sam and I started jabbering away forgetting and well…you saw the look on Mrs. Dumphrey’s face?!”

    Sam chuckles… “Yes, that was pretty entertaining actually!”
    “To you, you have the whole town thinking I’m crazy!” Says Molly defensively.

    “Well, that’s okay I AM crazy,” answers Sam.

    “Huh, what do you mean by that, Sam, you’re not crazy?”

    “Well, my dear sweet Molly, in fact I am…I’m crazy in love with you. I always have been. The moment when you realized I was still here with you was the instant I began to live again and I’ll never ever stop loving you.”

    Molly smiled and reminisced on the instance that Sam broke through the barrier of dead to living. He was a ghost but not unseen to her, not untouchable.

    Previously, it seemed, the only thing that calmed Molly’s nerves since the incident was creating with clay. She and Sam had been attacked on their way home from the theatre and he was killed.

    She sat that night, so long ago now, lightly dressed in the summer heat, a white tank and panties was all she could bear. As the clay moved beneath her fingers smooth and cold she suddenly felt the palpable presence of Sam. Unexpectedly she felt his body behind her, his arms around her and his hands over hers as they both let the earthen medium slide sensuously beneath their palms.

    Sam was there. He was with her and somehow she knew he would never leave her. Their union became unbreakable and they lived in deep, pure unfailing love.

    To the town’s people the story went accordingly: She, the town widow who’d misplaced her mind. He, the unfortunate fellow who’d lost his young life. In actuality, the two of them, Sam and Molly, they barely missed a beat in their happily ever after love story.

    Sometimes they haul out the clay and potter’s wheel from the hallway closet and reenact the moment when they first rediscovered each other again.

    ©Hannah Gosselin 8/23/12

    Flashy Fiction-Flash Forward Fiction…Walt suggests we take a classic love story and project a future for them.

    Thank you, Walt! :)

    1. Wow, a true love story. Where was this from?

    2. Oh, yes...I should have said, Abi, this is from the movie ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

      Thank you for reading! :)

    3. A classic love story, indeed! The concept was brilliant.


    The time had come.

    After the first few years as newlyweds, still trying to climb the ladder of success, C.C. "Bud" Baxter had come to a crossroads. His plan to become a captain of industry as a Chief Executive, had fallen flat. He jumped from job to job, but apparently his "reputation" had followed him everywhere. His only conclusion was this: Jeff Sheldrake labeled C.C. as a insubordinate malcontent for refusing to allow the officers of the Insurance company the use of his flat. Sheldrake was a son-of-a-bitch!

    Baxter guesses he always had been and would remain so. Those years at the "company" had been rife with bad decisions on his part. Bud's ambition had blurred his vision at a great cost. Sure, the upper echelon loved the Junior Executive for the use of his apartment for their extra-marital trysts. But that whole episode between Sheldrake and the then elevator operator, Fran Kubelick, opened Baxter's eyes in a big way.

    Fran Kubelick. She had her ups and downs from the start, but that was expected, running the express elevator to the executive suites. The now Supervisor (since she had gotten Sheldrake fired in a sexual-harassment suit), she was finally reaping her reward in her quest to reach the top of her profession.

    But, in Fran's role as Mrs. "Bud" Baxter, she realized she wanted so much more than a crowded elevator and cigar smoke. She suspected both to be the cause for her stomach fluttering in the past few weeks. Maybe it was time to dive head first into the secretarial pool, and escape the motion sickness and rancid Arturo Fuente smoke. She had commented to C.C. that the mornings were the worst, sickness wise!

    Up the three flights of steps to their apartment, Fran had felt nauseous. She wouldn't make it to their door. Fortunately for the former Miss Kubelick, Dr. Dreyfus was leaving for his office and helped Fran to her door.
    He sat her on the divan and gave her something for her upset stomach. Baxter came home moments later.

    "Doc, what's the matter?" C.C. inquired.

    "As if you didn't know, Mr. Goodtime Charley!" Dreyfus responded with a smile. "Look at your wife. She's been sick for the past few mornings. Her middle is expanding! What do you think, Genius?"

    "I...uh, uh... think...I uh... we... we're going to be up to our elbows in" Baxter had gasped out just as he fainted.

    Fran rushed to her husband's aid, just as the contents of her gut came spewing forth, soiling his suit and tie.
    Dreyfus broke an ampule of smelling salts to rouse Baxter back to consciousness. He looked Fran weakly in the eyes.

    "That means we need a bigger apartment, doesn't it?" Bud wondered aloud.

    Fran Kubelick-Baxter smiled her quirky smile at her husband.

    "Shut up, and deal!"

    1. Sorry. This is based on the characters from the five-timer 1960 Academy Award winning movie (including Best Picture) "The Apartment" starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.

    2. Haha! This is funny! Thanks Walt!


    Rhett Butler had left Tara. He was fed up with all that the South had become. Atlanta lays in ruin, and it seems the heart of Georgia had ceased to beat. But Rhett had come to the point where he just didn't care any longer. He worried about getting through the rest of the day. Tomorrow had to care for itself for a while.

    The smoke was affecting his breathing, and his cough had turned raspy and painful. Rhett Butler had gone a mile down the road before he even turned back toward the plantation. He did indeed love Scarlett O'Hara. He just didn't know why the lady needed to be do headstrong and confident.

    He walked on down the trail passing hulled out houses and shacks unfit for habitation. He saw the servants and house staff of one of the mansions standing outside of its smoldering shell, not knowing what to do, or more correctly, where to go. They didn't want to suffer the fate of their escaped brethren in lieu of these circumstances.

    Along the way he stopped in his tracks. Rhett had come to stand at the gate of the cemetery where he and Scarlett had buried their daughter, Bonnie Blue. The wall was crumbled and many of the headstones were flattened to the ground. But one stood above the rest. Bonnie's marker was crooked, but still upright.

    Rhett thought that this was a sign from beyond the grave; Bonnie Blue was speaking to him. He figured it said that if Bonnie Blue could weather the storm of war to remain standing, then Scarlett and Rhett could find the ground upon which to rebuilt their foundation and re-establish Tara.

    Scarlett at upon the top step of her grand staircase when she heard the strong rapping on the door. She rushed down the steps to the bottom and then stopped to compose herself. She discerned the shadow at the door through the glass. Scarlett knew it was Rhett.

    "Who is it?" She called coyly.

    "You know damn well who it is! Scarlett, open the door!"

    "Why should I open the door when you were ready to leave me on my own?" Scarlett demanded an answer. "Maybe I'll feel differently tomorrow. Come back then!"

    "But Scarlett, I love you! Why not let me in now?" Rhett reasoned.

    "Because tomorrow... is another day! You say you love me, but right at the moment, I don't give a damn!" she finalized.

    "Damn, damn, damn!" she heard Rhett mutter as his footsteps faded down the cobblestone.

    1. Quite the story. I like how determined Scarlett is. Great characters, great story, great prompt! Thanks Walt! :D

  5. Thank you, and you're welcome, Abi.

    1. Anyday! I hope to get some inspiration from school and show this to my English teacher. She will be blown away by what she sees!

  6. Good for you, always strive to learn new things in new places, Abi. These people will challenge you and stretch your mind in a big way.

    1. Well, writing books just isn't easy when you don't have inspiration or learn new things, now is it?

  7. Benjamin didn't have a plan. No plan, in fact, had been his defining plan of late. After a lifetime, all 21 years of it, he'd been operating from a map that had been handed to him at birth. School, track, debate, college, excellence, and for what? A shiny future in the world of plastics?

    He smiled at Elaine. She was a stranger to him, and yet, he'd just driven his car into the ground, sprinted two miles, broken into a church and interrupted her wedding. Come to think of it, she was actually married, wasn't she?

    She blushed. "What?"

    "Nothing." He took her hand.

    An old woman with a flowered hat and a pinched face turned back to look at them. Elaine stuck out her tongue. "Haven't you ever seen a bride before?" The woman huffed in response and turned back around. Elaine giggled.

    "I like your laugh," Benjamin whispered, picking up her hand and brushing it with a kiss.

    "I'm a married woman."

    "So I heard." He grinned, remembering the startled looks of the congregation, of Elaine's mother.

    "I don't think you'll be invited for Thanksgiving." She offered.

    "I expect not."

    "So what now?"

    "How about lunch?"

    She nudged him. "No, really. What now?"

    "We live." He said it simply, with no irony. As little as he knew her, he also knew she'd understand.

    "Sounds like a good plan."

    "I'm good at plans." He kept hold of her hand and they both looked forward. He had no idea where the bus was headed, but it didn't matter. They were on it together.

    I know this is only about 5 minutes into the future after the end of the Graduate, but is probably my favorite scene of my favorite movie.

  8. J.B.!!! I had a "Mrs. Robinson" in the works and lost track of time. Well played!

    1. Thank you Walt! I always thought the ending was genius. Whether they ultimately end up together, who knows, but they got on that bus together and that's what matters.