Friday, August 24, 2012

Sitting on the Edge

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Perhaps your character is waiting for someone to arrive in his or her particular situation or maybe they've arrived alone and expect no one. I wonder how your character is feeling at this given moment, (the one pictured or one of your own crafting). Explore your setting...give much detail of place and indulge in the space of an in depth internal conversation. 

Have fun, Friday Flashy Fiction writers! :)



    Oblio and Arrow had come to the rendezvous point. It was an arduous journey for sure, but a trek well worth making. And even though it had taken him years to arrive, Oblio knew it was well overdue.

    He had gotten there a bit early in the morning. The moon and the rising sun fought the night for dominance, and Oblio just watched in wonder. He had been under its spell; the magnificence of nature being revealed in metered increments. And as he observed, his dog Arrow sat on its haunches admiring the scene as well. His head cocked slightly to the right as if listening to his master's voice.

    It seemed the both were. The boy had read in the Manifests that this was the spot and moment in which He would appear. No one else gave the impression that they believed in His real presence in this world. But now as the promised "second coming" was at hand, it remained just Oblio and Arrow, side-by-side as they had always been since they were both young "pups".

    The rising orb of the Son gained the upper hand over the ravages of darkest night, as it crept ever-slowly into the morning sky. Obilo swallowed the lump in his throat, awed by the display that made his being there, more meaningful than he could imagine. Arrow barked at the sight of Its brilliance, singing his praises in Doggese as his tail swiped at the sand in sweeping arcs.

    Oblio bowed his head in reverence. Arrow did the same. And the morning Son had returned. The manifest said it would be a sign, and by His sign you would know Him. And be saved by Him.
    They would be nourished and protected by Him. Oblio believed it. Arrow did the same. The beauty of His coming was a sight they would not soon forget. It engrained itself in their hearts.

    They felt sorry for those who did not believe. The Son also rose for them. But now, they'll never get the chance to know!

    1. Beautiful, Walt, and such happy memories bubbled up hearing the name Oblio. I think I'll be humming Nilsson for the rest of the day. You can take your teardrops, and drop them in a teacup...

    2. Yeah, I needed to pay tribute to that piece of our youth. I have the Nilsson song on my iPod (for sentimental reasons) and it became the inspiration. Thanks, Jeannine

  2. I love your second paragraph...especially this detail, "The moon and the rising sun fought the night for dominance, and Oblio just watched in wonder." Excellent, Walt!

  3. "Hey, it's been a while since we've talked, and I'm sorry. I've really missed you. I was mad so I spent a lot of my time talking bad about you. I tried to forget about you, spending my time keeping busy. I tried hanging out with my friends, but quickly found out that when you're down, your friends aren't overly excited to have you around. They suddenly have no time to spend with you. I also realized that I don't have that many friends anyway. I've had a lot relationships. Well, I guess you can't really call them relationships, but they helped pass some of the time. I know you wouldn't have approved, but you weren't here. I mean, I guess you were, I just didn't realize it. I was too busy trying to forget you. Anyway, I know now that even though I was busy trying to forget you, you never left me. I feel like I've lost too much time trying to be angry and I miss our chats. If you're okay with it, Miles and I will come by and visit now and then. The view is spectacular...and the company is pretty great, too."